Veteran Owned & Operated

Hi!! I’m Hannah and I’m so glad you’re here!!

I grew up in sunny Florida and was a competitive swimmer since the age of six and all through high school. I attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, fell in love with water polo, and graduated with honors with my officer commission and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences. Staying fairly active all my life, it was easy to stay in shape and healthy... Until I was stationed on a boat with 75+ other people all crammed into 210’ of space. It took a toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. My weight constantly fluctuated and I craved all of the comfort food, and didn’t even recognize myself at times.

Next chapter, I get stationed in New Orleans and a worldwide pandemic hits. At this point, my couch cushion has a perfect mold of my body and my running shoes are in pristine condition (due to severe lack of use). I had a decision to make. I could continue down this path of self-destruction, or I could tie those shoes on my feet and do the one thing I hated the most, RUNNING. The choice was clear and I never looked back.

Next chapter, I completed 75Hard. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up. It changed my life completely. It gave me the confidence that I thought was reserved only for IG models as well as a zero-compromises mentality.

After serving my nation in the U.S. Coast Guard for over 5 years, I am now serving my community as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. This has allowed me to do what I absolutely love, which is help people every single day!